Pearls – Clinical Dilemma – “Genetic Counseling”

Clinicians should be very careful not to “imagine” signs – since YOU are BIASED ALREADY (because you know the mother may be an alcoholic) – other clinicians who do not know the history are less biased than you – what you and me observe must also be evident to other colleagues.

Anything wrong here?
This pleasant-looking girl is hyperactive and according to a Dysmorphologist she has some signs consistent with the maternal history of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

There are two additional companion pearls (Function and Structure; Semiology – Telorism – Ocular).

Consider the following hypothetical scenario – the mother denied alcohol use – sued the Dysmorphologist for slander – was awarded a large sum of money compensatory for the consequences of having been abandoned by her husband – you may find more about this hypothetical patient-mother in Dysmorphology Basics (A) Part 8a tutorial.