The CEO site is one of several websites sponsored by Omninet-MedWord LLC registered in United States of North America in partnership with the INTERNATIONAL CHARITABLE FUND “OMNI-NET FOR CHILDREN” registered in Ukraine. The editor is Dr. W. Wertelecki, M.D., who is a Pediatrician and Medical Geneticist.

NOTE: ACCESS BY OR SHARED VIEWS WITH MINORS IS TO BE AVOIDED – to some, clinical images may be disturbing or considered inappropriate.

The name of this website “Clinical Eye Openers” says it all. Visual training and experience are of great importance in the practice of clinical medicine.

Show provocative illustrations (images and videos) to “open eyes” of clinicians and their ability to translate them into clinical signals.

CEO is a component of the MedWord site and companion sites are IBIS (International Birth Defects Information Systems) and Pandora Word Box. This project was initiated by OMNI-Net International Charitable Fund and MedWord LLC.

The images are selected from contributions by experienced clinical geneticists. The editor is Professor Dr. Wladimir Wertelecki, a Pediatrician and Clinical Geneticists (search YouTube).

Ongoing – generally, postings appear weekly.

Frequent postings of provocative images and videos illustrating  developmental landmarks and dysmorphic signs followed by interpretations of signs as signals. Concurrent emphasis on “Medical English”. Postings may consist of single or series of images (galleries), as well as video recordings. Some modules include interpretation of signs as signals and clusters of signals as syndromes. Larger modules may include hypotheses of pathogenesis, etiology and diagnosis.

Our policies uphold published standards of quality assurance namely explicit credits to authors, sources, dates/updates, completeness and accuracy of contents, among other criteria. The emphasis is international. We actively promote inclusion of sources “not-in-English” and encourage such submissions for potential posting.

CEO is NOT a source of information concerning syndromes, diagnosis or medical management. The aim of CEO is limited to an emphasis of provocative images and corresponding medical terminology. Occasionally mention is made of pathogenesis, etiology, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatments with the purpose of enhancing memorization and demonstration of relevance.

CLINICAL EYE OPENERS is one of several websites sponsored by OMNINET-MEDWORD LLC registered in United States of North America in partnership with the INTERNATIONAL CHARITABLE FUND “OMNI-NET FOR CHILDREN” registered in Ukraine.

CLINICAL EYE OPENERS (CEO) is a veritable clinical gallery of images and videos illustrating clinical signs interpreted as signals to accelerate the recognition of potential causes (etiology), mechanisms (pathogenesis), natural history (patterns of past, present and prospective symptoms and clinical prognosis) – CEO is not a source of information to formulate diagnoses or therapies.

New contents are added on an ongoing basis and occasionally in response to requests.

When indicated, CEO contents are linked with concurrent postings in the companion site PANDORA WORD BOX (PWB). In addition links to clinical, parental support information, and scientific advances posted in the companion site INTERNATIONAL BIRTH DEFECTS INFORMATION SYSTEM (IBIS) and/or UKRAINIAN TERATOLOGY INFORMATION SYSTEM (UTIS) may be included.