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Illumination of de-novo and provocative notions.

Non-paternity – Habsburg Jaw (video, 35 min.).
Dwarfs – Sound of Music – Neurofibromatosis before its discovery (under construction).

Transformation of signs into signals and dysmorphic syndromes – Gallery of ongoing postings of provocative images and perspectives.

Variants, dysmorphisms, malformations, deformations … embryopathies, fetopathies … dysplasias, neoplasias …

Dysmorphology signs and Teratology – Genetics interpretations.

CEO – Why and How … in English – in Ukrainian.
About Basics of Dysmorphology (A) in English – in Ukrainian.
Introduction, essential notions and terminology – Part 1 of Genetics-Teratology-Dysmorphology (In Brief) tutorial (40 min.).
Signs, Signals, Pathogenesis, Etiology, Diagnosis – Part 2  of Genetics-Teratology-Dysmorphology (In Brief) tutorial (47 min.).
(Trailer part 1) – Dysmorphisms – Down syndrome infants – (in English – in Ukrainian).
(Trailer part 2) – Dysmorphisms – Down syndrome infants – (in English – in Ukrainian).
(Trailer part 3) – Dysmorphisms – Down syndrome post-infancy – (in English – in Ukrainian).

2 – Gallery of SIGNS
A collage of multiple images of a particular sign observed in a variety of persons.

Cretinism Endemic.
Cubitus Valgus.
Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1).

Galleries of combination of signs of particular syndromes/diagnoses.

Achondroplasia – Syndrome Definition – Video (13 min.).
Anophthalmia Bilateral – Short Presentation and Links.
Beckwith Wiedemann Macroglossia – Omphalocele Syndrome – Gallery.
Brachycephaly – Gallery.
Down Syndrome (DS) – Trisomy 21 (21+):
– Gallery – Signs (20 min.).
– DS – Signs – Virtual Clinic – Infants (Part 1 – 14 min.).
– DS – Signs – Virtual Clinic – Infants (Part 2 – 13 min.).
– DS – Signs – Virtual Clinic – Child – Adult (Part 3 – 11 min.).
– DS – Video – Proficiency Test (42 min.).
Encephalocele – Frontal – Gallery.
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders – Includes several virtual clinics videos.
Macroglossia – Omphalocele Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome – Gallery.
Macroglossia – Perspectives – Gallery and Video (28 min.).
Male Turner Noonan – Gallery.
Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1) – Includes several virtual clinics videos (48 min.).
Plagiocephaly – see Brachycephaly.
Syphilis – Gallery.
Warkany 8+ Syndrome – Gallery – Video (20 min.).

Galleries/videos illustrating patients/families with particular syndromes/diagnoses or unknown disorders.

7q- Syndrome – Gallery.
8+ Mosaicism – Warkany Syndrome – Gallery – Video (20:23).
Achondroplasia Patient Development (12:57).
Acrocephalysyndactyly type 1 or Apert syndrome
Anophthalmia Bilateral – Gallery.
Apert syndrome or Acrocephalysyndactyly type 1
Beckwith Wiedemann Macroglossia – Omphalocele Syndrome – Gallery:
– Patient 1.
– Patient 2.
Breech Footling Legs Syndrome – Gallery.
Cleft Lower Lip – Gallery.
Down Syndrome – Signs – Tele-Clinic – Infants (Part 1 – 14:11).
Down Syndrome – Signs – Tele-Clinic – Infants (Part 2 – 13:32).
Down Syndrome – Signs – Tele-Clinic – Child – Adult (Part 3 – 11:49).
Dysmorphic Syndrome – Tele-Clinic – Hirsutism – Synophrys – Flat Upper Lip (15:32).
Footling Breech Legs Syndrome – Gallery.
Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus.
Holoprosencephaly (Patient A) – Gallery.
Holoprosencephaly (Patient B) – Gallery.
Hypospadias – Nipple Hypopigmentation – Gallery.
Lower Lip Cleft – Gallery.
Macroglossia – Omphalocele Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome – Gallery.
Male Turner Noonan.
McCune-Albright Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia – Gallery.
Median Solitary Median Maxillary Incisor (SMMI) Syndrome (14:22).
Neurofibromatosis-1 Complex – Acromegaly – Gallery.
Nipple Hypopigmentation – Hypospadias – Gallery.
Patau Syndrome (Patient A) – Gallery.
Patau Syndrome (Patient B) – Gallery.
Patau Syndrome (Patient C) – Gallery.
Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia McCune-Albright – Gallery.
Warkany 8+ Syndrome – Gallery – Video (20:23).


Hippocrates of Kos, father of Modern Medicine, coined “Ars Longa Vita Brevis” – it is an art to define vital points in brief.

Age and chromosomal non-disjunction.
Deformation or disruption.
Dose (rate and amount) – sensitivity/repair (sex, age, ethnic) … e.g. alcohol, radiation.
Epicanthus – ocular.
Face (facies) predicts the brain.
Face (facies) predicts the future.
Facies, nature of.
Family Variant, Dysmorphism, Malformation.
Function and Structure.
“Genetic”? “Counseling”? Dilemma.
Hypopigmented Nipples and Hypospadias – a Clue to Pathogenesis?
Hypospadias and Hypopigmented Nipples – a Clue to Pathogenesis?
Hypothesis – Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1) and Temperature.
Mental Vision.
Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1) and Temperature – Facts and a Hypothesis.
Non-paternity in historic perspective – Med-Art.
Normal – Health.
Open minds and clinical examinations.
Pharmacy – Pharmacology – Notions.
Principles of Teratology.
Short limbs – diagnosis – synthesis.
Short stature in historic perspective – Med-Art.
Sign > Signal > Syndrome > Pathogenesis … Etiology … Diagnosis.
Signs are objective and signals are subjective.
Signs illuminate the mind to create TRUE signals … syndromes … pathogenesis … etiology … diagnosis.
Telorism – ocular – must be measured.
Temperature and Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1) – Facts and a Hypothesis.
Teratology Principles.
Trepanation – Avoiding by Palpation of Cranial Sutures.
Type and number of signals.
Upper Lip – Cupid’s Bow.
Vanishing twins – disruptions – median incisor.
Variants can be normal and normal can be variants.
Vision Mental.

Notions resistant to erosions by time (in alphabetical order).

Birth defects congenital malformation prevention world day.
– Part 1 – 2017, March 3, Key points and press-release.
– Part 2 – Keynote presentation (28 min.): Prof. Wladimir Wertelecki and Dr. Lyubov Yevtushok – Strategies and Implementations (in Ukrainian).

Breastfeeding, Alcohol and Drug Use. Overview of lactation as a vehicle of teratogenic impacts of alcohol and drugs made by Dr. Claire Cole, a member of the international team implementing the CIFASD initiative in Ukraine sponsored by the National Institutes of Health concerned with alcohol teratogenesis. She coordinates investigations of alcohol impacts on mental development [ALCOHOL BABIES BREASTFEEDING FASD PUBLIC HEALTH]

A Child For Life. A 22-minute educational film explaining Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and including interviews with experts, families and children affected by FASD. It was produced by NOFAS United Kingdom (NOFASUK) and translated into Ukrainian by Ukraine Works Ltd (Anne Linden, Director) [ALCOHOL BABIES CHILD CHILDREN DISORDERS FAMILIES FAMILY RELATIONS PUBLIC HEALTH INFANTS FASD].

Chornobyl – Polissia – Pregnancies – Children. A presentation made by Prof. Wladimir Wertelecki (OMNI-Net Ukraine) in 2016 in Lviv. It is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident – in Ukrainian [IONIZING RADIATION, BECQUEREL, CS-137, CESIUM, NTD, MICROCEPHALY, EPIDEMIOLOGY].

Congenital malformations in Rivne Polissia and the Chornobyl accident. A presentation made by Prof. Wladimir Wertelecki at the Helen Caldicott Foundation Symposium “The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident”, New York Academy of Sciences, 2013 – in English with French subtitles [IONIZING RADIATION, BECQUEREL, CS-137, CESIUM, NTD, MICROCEPHALY, EPIDEMIOLOGY].

Diagnosis of the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. A presentation made by Prof. Kenneth L. Jones (Department of Pediatrics, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA, USA) at the Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv, Ukraine) in April 2017 – In English with Ukrainian translation [FAS, FASD, DIAGNOSIS, PREVENTION].

Excerpts from “Genetic Counseling”. A report by Frank Clarke Fraser based on a Workshop on Genetic Counseling sponsored by the National Genetics Foundation, Inc., held in Washington, D.C., December 10-13, 1972 (Fraser FC. Genetic counseling. American Journal of Human Genetics. 1974;26(5):636-661) [GENETIC, COUNCELING].

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) and Developmental Outcomes. A presentation made by Prof. Claire D. Coles (Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA, USA) at the Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv, Ukraine) in April 2017 – In English with Ukrainian translation [FAS, FASD, DIAGNOSIS, PREVENTION, EDUCATION, PUBLIC HEALTH].

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders – perspectives. A lecture delivered in 2013 by Dr. Kenneth Warren (Director of the National Institute of Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse) – in English with Ukrainian translation [FAS, FASD, PREVENTION, AMELIORATION, EDUCATION, PUBLIC HEALTH].

Folic acid flour fortification initiative. A story shown in a nation-wide transmission by Channel 24 (Ukraine, November 23, 2016) – in English and Ukrainian [PREVENTION, NTD, SPINA BIFIDA, PUBLIC HEALTH].

Intrauterine vascular disruption as a cause of birth defects. A presentation made in 2016 by Dr. Kenneth Jones (author of Smith’s Recognizable Patterns of Human Malformations, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Dysmorphology/Teratology, University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine, La Jolla, CA) – in English with Ukrainian translation [IUGR, TWIN, VANISHING, DEFORMATION, REVIEW, PLACENTA].

Josef Warkany – foundations of Teratology. A series of interviews with Josef Warkany (Austrian-American pediatrician known as the “Father of Teratology”) – in English [EXPERIMENTAL, TERATOGENESIS, NUTRITION, DIET, CRETINISM, IODINE, GOITER, ENVIRONMENT, ECOLOGY].

Neonatology – Teratology – Ukraine. A lecture of Prof. Wladimir Wertelecki (OMNI-Net Ukraine) for neonatologists and concerns the importance of early detection of developmental disabilities in children (2015, Chernivtsi, Ukraine) – in Ukrainian [NEWBORN, INFANT, MALFORMATIONS, DEFORMATIONS, SYNDROMES, DYSMORPHOLOGY, ANTICIPATORY, CARE, PREVENTION, FOLATE, FOLIC ACID, ALCOHOL].

Neural tube defects in Ukraine. In this video made in 2001, Profs. Yuriy Orlov, Ihor Baryliak, Dr. Halyna Skyban tell about the burden of neural tube defects in Ukraine – in Ukrainian [NTD, SPINA BIFIDA, PREVENTION, FORTIFICATION, FLOUR, FOLATE, FOLIC ACID].

Have fun with medical nomenclature (click below) – many words are like constellations of stars that illuminate clusters of ancient ideas that transcend time and linguistic barriers. Medical parlance relies upon empirical terminology and is best memorized by awareness of inherent ideonomy and etymology.

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