CEO Courses and Webinars


Our webinars are dedicated to enhance the visual recognition of clinical signs posted in “Clinical Eye Openers (CEO)” and occasionally in Pandora Word Box, a companion web-site dedicated to fine arts (visual arts represent an international language) and English medical terminology.

A series of four webinars, “Elements of Teratology in Clinical Practice”, aim at exposing clinicians to clues from Teratology-Dysmorphology to enhance the relevance of subsequent webinars. Participants should gain greater perspectives when viewing webinars concerned with developmental disorders such as alterations of growth, intellectual capacity, malformations, dysplasias and cancer risk.

Each webinar consists of two parts, a visual-oral presentation and supplements. The presentation includes short clinical videos. The supplements often include master-classes by recognized experts. In addition, some webinars may include a short test with a passing grade of 70%.

Unlimited access to webinars and all contents of Clinical Eye Openers (CEO) requires registration. A fee of $25 is necessary to sustain the web-sites. However, requests for waivers of fees are considered.

Please note that the introductory four webinars and many others are also available in Ukrainian.