Frida Kahlo Broken Spine

As a child Frida Kahlo suffered from poliomyelitis and for the most part recovered. When 18 years old her spine, pelvis and one leg were crushed during a major transit accident. She underwent, during her brief life span (47 years), over 30 surgical interventions some of which apparently were not indicated. The final intervention was the need to amputate her leg due to gangrene which followed a previous surgical intervention.

Her life as an artist, wife of Diego de Rivera, mistress of Lev Trotsky (who was welcomed at the Rivera home after escaping from the USSR and eventually murdered by orders of Joseph Stalin), and even women are described in multiple biographies. In essence, Frida was able to find in her chronic pain the fortitude in inspiration to become an outstanding artist. (W. Wertelecki, 2016)

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