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Alcohol Fetopathy FAS FASD Disgruntled Irritable Dystonic

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Note what signs you see.

I (W. Wertelecki, M.D.) see a disgruntled dysmorphic infant. The most obvious signs are a flat upper lip (no filtrum and thin vermillion); short nose; a pectus excavatum and rigidity most evident in the fingers. CAVIAT – it is a bad idea to diagnose the flat filtrum or thin vermillion when a child is crying – my statement is based on other images when the child is relaxed.

PERSPECTIVE: The primary reason to use this illustration is to demonstrate that FAS and FASD infants are IRRITABLE AND HYPERTONIC (both emotionally and physically). Such infants are very difficult to care for and mothers who may be alcoholics may not be able to do so. It is imperative for clinicians to determine if a MOTHER CAN CARE FOR FAS INFANT THAT CRIES CONTINIOUSLY WITHOUT EVIDENT REASON – THAT SLEEPS INTERMITTENTLY NOT ALLOWING FOR MATERNAL REST – THAT SUCKS POORLY, AND REGURGITATES AND VOMMITS OFTEN …

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