Helix Gap

Ear Auricle

Please click to enlarge.

Note what signs you see.

I (W. Wertelecki, M.D.) see a gap on the mid-section of the helix.

PERSPECTIVE: This may seem to be a “minor” or “trivial” “variant” of morphogenesis of the auricle. In Clinical Medicine such view is not wise. The auricle is a complex structure derived from the fusion of multiple growth centers during early embryogenesis. Ear morphology a sensitive structure to disruptions of morphogenesis. This sign is sufficient for a clinician to ensure that no other alterations are present rather than label such a sign as minor, trivial or a variant.

This is also an example of profound knowledge by the sculptor of human morphology. If you see the whole bust of this individual you will appreciate the negative impacts that these ears may have had on the wellbeing  of this person (to be posted next).


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