Plagiocephaly – Deformation

Plagiocephaly Deformation

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Note what signs you see.

I (W. Wertelecki, M.D.) see in a father a flattened forehead deformed by compression being reproduced in his son. Plagiocephaly inherently mean deformations induced by mechanical forces. Often this is due to a “synostosis” (fused cranial sutures) distorting skull growth.

See more concerning deformations (torticollis, etc.) in CEO and IBIS.

Plagiocephalies not due to intrinsic factors such as abnormal fusion of cranial bones (synostoses, etc.) can be corrected by use of helmets to re-direct growth. It is imperative that causes such as fusion of cranial sutures (cranio-synostoses) be diagnosed and surgically repaired early.

Several Amerindian tribes and cultures in other continents induced deformations as an expression of “power over nature”. Shown is  an adult with a “flat forehead holding an infant whose cranium is being deformed by compression to produce plagiocephaly (plagio is a root for “false” or distorted).


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