Soles longitudinal creases

Soles longitudinal creases

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Note what signs you see.

I (W. Wertelecki, M.D.) see bilateral longitudinal creases – one between the hallux and the second toe; another longitudinal crease between toes 2-3 – and on the right a longitudinal crease between toes 4-5.

Hypothetically, the pathogenesis of this sign probably is related to the prominence of fetal pads which at this age may be less evident except for the remanent creases. I did not see illustration of palms nor dermatoglyphic patterns but it can be presumed that the prominent pads have whorl patterns.

PERSPECTIVE: The signs illustrated here are rare and strongly pathognomonic (typical of a diagnosis). It is very rarely that signs on patient’s soles are a strong diagnostic signal. In the context of a slim proportional small and short stature body, contracted joints (stooped posture), dysmorphic large ears and a “pear like” bulbous nose, the possibility of Warkany syndrome (trisomy 8 mosaicism) must be considered. Please see the patient’s gallery of images.


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