Toes Dysmorphic

Toes Dysmorphic

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Note what signs you see.

I (N. Kamut, M.D.) see the sole of a foot with a transverse flexion creases and dysmorphic toes – mainly a dorsal implantation of the second toe. The other images of the dorsum of the left and right foot likewise show dysmorphic toes – the left toes have short nails and toes 2-3-4 show a mild degree of syndactyly, the 5th toe is bent (clinodactyly) – on the right the 2nd toe is dorsally implanted.

The point of these illustrations is to present what often are called “minor” anomalies or dysmorphic signs. The problem is that “minor” does not exist – simply put what is called “minor” are signs that are not understood.

The foot is a very complex organ (an organization of multiple  components) – a neuro-muscular imbalance can impact morphogenesis including the position of toes. Patients with dorsally implanted toes often have other concurrent signs, in particular neuro-muscular.

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