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with developmental disabilities. Please follow our postings and appeals for assistance.

Childhood Cataract

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Note what signs you see.

I (W. Wertelecki, M.D.) see a difference between the two eyes. Do you? And if so, how would you call it? The next question is the signal of this sign. Nearly 1 in 200 children will show opacities of one or both eyes.

In Pandora Word Box  are posted images and overviews as well as word roots that will illuminate the relationship of “cataract”, implying a cascade or falling water, which point to “cata”, a root for “falling”, as in “cata-epilepsy” (abbreviated as catalepsy) and many other terms like “catalog, catechism, cathar, …”.

For medical perspectives, it is essential to have a very detailed clinical and family history, the point of this posted image is for you to consider if the contra-lateral eye is normal or not. Furthermore, it is critical to determine if there are other concurrent signs signaling anomalies that may better point out to causes (etiology) and contribute to a better health care protocol.

We all need a break but such can be instructive. Take a look at the companion word illuminations.