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Cyanosis A

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Note what signs you see.

I (W. Wertelecki, M.D.) see a baby, probably crying and probably holding its breath. It is obvious that the tongue is dark blue and the lips are not – cyanosis derives from the Greek to denote “dark blue”.

PERSPECTIVE: When hemoglobin looses oxygen it becomes dark and blueish. Breath-holding spells (BHS) are relatively common – nearly 5% of infants suffer from this condition which is rare after the age of 5 years. The usual BHS is when an infant is upset, crying and at the end of the expiration, holds its breath to the point of cyanosis and even loss of consciousness. Usually there is no associated incontinence and if so one should suspect epilepsy. Another type is syncope associated with pallor and not cyanosis – such episodes are not associated with crying but rather pain and tend to be observed in older children. It should be remembered that there are many other causes and types of cyanosis (see standard medical information sources)>

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