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Note what signs you see.

I (W. Wertelecki, M.D.) see a hypoplastic malformed ear generally referred to as microtia. Instances as severe as illustrated here most often are associated with atresia or narrowing (stenosis) of the external ear canal. Malformations of the tympanum and middle ear ossicles are common as well as some degree of hearing loss. Please note less severe instance of microtia (there is evidence of a tragus) as well as a gallery of other types of dysmorphic ears.

PERSPECTIVE: Microtia can be unilateral, sporadic and as isolated malformation. However, it is also a feature of several dysmorphic syndromes such as Goldenhar, Treacher-Collins and other syndromes. There are instances of 18q- syndromes associated with external ear canal atresia and the presence of virtually normal pinnae (ear or auricles) – this is provocative because atretic ear canals are strongly associated with atretic pinnae (microtia or anotia.


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