Lentigines Axilla or “Freckles”

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Note what signs you see.

I (N.X., M.D.) see axillary (arm pit) lentigines and patches of café-au-lait pigmentation. Technically the term “freckles” implies a relationship with photo-sensitivity (sunshine). Freckles are rarely if ever seen in infants, lentigines, on the other hand, often are congenital.

PERSPECTIVE: This is a very prevalent sign signaling manifestations of NF1. However, this sign is not pathognomonic – virtually no signs are. Instead of polluting your brain with a list of exotic names of exotic conditions so you can impress your colleagues with meaningless memorizations, it is much preferable to seek confirmatory other signs of NF1 (see the NF1 gallery) which are very likely to exist.


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